Victor Gomez Ruiz

  • 12 Dec 2017

    Sharing your piano skills

    Sharing your piano skills. Sharing your piano skills. WKMT and its Music Festival editions guarantee the perfect performance skills for its students. And about this, the last article talks about. Sabrina Curpanen, our colleague and Senior piano teacher at the studio, wrote an article to thank all the efforts WKMT makes to provide our piano students with great […]
  • 10 Dec 2017

    Piano pedal functions

    Piano pedal functions. Piano pedal functions. In this new occasion, we take the chance to share with you all the last article written by our piano teacher Narotam Horn, and published on our blog. He thought it might be interesting to talk about the pedals on the piano, a tool, not always present and used, for beginners […]
  • 10 Dec 2017

    Learning music analysis

    Learning music analysis Learning music analysis Juan Rezzuto has already rendered articles on Sentence and Period. Now it is time to learn about the hybrid themes! This summary about hybrid themes is based on William Caplin's Classical forms book. Caplin's work represents a fantastic summary of forms used in the classical period. There four basic hybrid themes: Antecedent - continuation Antecedent - […]
  • 05 Dec 2017

    Musical Theme type: The period

    Musical Theme type: The period Musical Theme type: The period The Period is one of classical music's more stable theme type. It is characterised by a weak cadence and a returning basic idea. The phrases involved, called "antecedent" and "consequent" respectively, have a very similar structure. The main difference between each other is harmonical. The most important elements of […]
  • 03 Dec 2017

    Learning piano structurally

    Learning piano structurally. Learning piano structurally. WKMT proud to introduce a new educational system under the standards of the Scaramuzza technique and the experience we have in teaching students of all levels and ages. The new course for absolute beginners designed by Gisela Paterno for WKMT is the new platform we will be using for our beginner piano students. An online system easily […]
  • 02 Dec 2017

    Understanding musical Themes

    Understanding musical Themes. Understanding musical Themes. To be able to understand musical themes, first of all, we have to know what a musical theme, by its own definition, really is and for that purpose, we only need one simple word called ‘Melody’. The musical theme is the theme, melody that is announced in the first measures. The […]
  • 25 Nov 2017

    Piano Sonatas – Harmony analysis

    Piano Sonatas - Harmony analysis Piano Sonatas - Harmony analysis There are certainly harmonic devices which remain fundamental when someone analyses XVIII-century piano sonatas. Understanding harmony helps tremendously the understanding of a musical piece as a whole. The elements of music can be organised in the following order of importance: 1. Rhythm, 2. Melody, 3. Harmony, 4. Form […]