Parallelism with Music

Parallelism with Music.

Parallelism with Music.


Parallelism between Aristotle on Music – Part I

Parallelism between Edgar Allan Poe on Music – Part II

Gisela Paterno, Head Teacher at WKMT London, has been with us for the last 5 years, providing either composition and piano lessons, amongst some other music lessons She is a usual writer for our blog, and her articles got fame as soon as we publish them.

In this case, she has written a new series of articles in which she explains the music composition inherited in the thoughts of grand characters of the history such as Edgar A. Poe, Aristotle and Stravinsky, although, it is obvious in the last case, we will also find some interesting ideas about it.

And now, you would wonder: How has Aristotle got to do with music? What is the music parallelism found on The Raven, the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe? Well, Gisela aims to answer those questions throughout her new series of articles. And guess what? We already have two of three chapters.

  • Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, The Raven contains some principles of the music composition. Gisela mentioned some concepts such as the Intention, Extension, Unity of effect and Axis, that are described by Edgar in the poem or are inherited in some of his sentences. That way, Gisela has drawn a map with all these concepts that are related to a musical structure within the famous poem.
  • In the case of Aristotle, Gisela goes to his thoughts and concepts. So she draws a parallelism between his thoughts and music composition as a creation. For example, he stated that poetics are within the field “poieo” (doing). Which is related to the making of something. That way we could think that idea is firmly related to the action of composition a musical piece. Such as this, he had some other concepts which you should better check.

Find out the truth behind these ideas and music composition with this fantastic series of articles. You can find the part I and II through the links aforementioned. The third part is yet to come, although it won’t take too long. The last part in which we will talk about Stravinsky. Stay in touch with this article, as soon as we have it published we will copy the link here, that way you will be able to have the full series.

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