Piano lessons Ealing by WKMT – London

Piano lessons Ealing

Piano lessons Ealing by WKMT, the famous Kensington piano practice now in Ealing. After five years of consistent development in the field of piano teaching we are ready to expand! In 2016 WKMT is proud to introduce its services to the piano student community of Ealing. Our main piano practice is centrally located one minute walk from West Kensington Tube Station.

Our piano approach is based on the Vicente Scaramuzza Piano technique and the best British piano practice. We believe piano students have to be initiated gradually. Piano teachers need to consider each piano student potential. The key to our success is our unique blend of piano technique and great repertoire.

We offer a unique full flexible booking system which enables our students to book their sessions dynamically from Monday to Sunday, 9am to 9pm. Our full-time studio PA assists both teachers and students to much their availability flawlessly. He doesn’t only consider time schedules but also our students’ study plans.

Our professionals are one of a kind. Every member of our teaching team has the highest qualifications from the most traditional british and international universities. Doctors in Music, Masters in Performance and Qualified Music teachers guarantee the success of our teaching methods. Piano lessons Ealing is a serious enterprise managed by serious professionals.

Going for Piano lessons Ealing by WKMT means you have access to the whole classical music experience. With an established festival happening twice a year in the most prestigious London venue, WKMT is proud to be the best organized private piano practice in London. Our concert opportunities are just superb. All our students are recorded professionally playing in wonderful rooms at GRADE I listed venues like Burgh House – Hampstead! THe perfect lighting, the most beautiful Grand Pianos and the finest musical celebration. We know motivation is paramount and we know how to keep motivating our students ever more and more!

Come to WKMT and enjoy the privilege of studying piano.