Getting flowing tempo in piano

getting flowing tempo in piano with wkmt.

Getting flowing tempo.

Some pieces require a waving sound called flow.


“This idea, of the “flow” of the music, can also easily be applied to the early stages of learning piano, through the appreciation of phrase marks in the score, or through cadences which suggest an open ending in the music. These are directions for us as performers to understand the construction of the melodies, and we should always give them value and recognition.”

We might be said to keep flowing on the piano through the song, but what does that really mean? How should we apply it when playing? Is that really important? These questions among others are answered with the article aforementioned. Narotam Horn, a teacher of piano lessons London for children at WKMT, gives some tips and ideas on how to get that “flow” and what is quite important to bear in mind when playing certain songs.

When we talk about “flow on the piano” means a way to perform some pieces which require strong and powerful beginnings, finishing with soft and slow rhythm. All goes descending little by little perfectly accommodated to create the perfect melody.

We recommend you all read this article as it is quite good overall for those starting with the piano and reading.

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