Do you know how to choose a good piano teacher in London?

piano teacher: how to find the best professional

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Piano teacher London – I’ve read a wonderful article about how to choose the best piano teacher in London.


Amongst the many tings discussed within the article, we can mention:

  1. The teacher personality

Learning from a teacher with a strong personality is paramount. He or she can then guide yourself in the best way. Save yourself from liars, useless, and frustrated musicians.

2. He or she has to have time to practice.

Sounds logic, but… How important is it? Well, it is necessary for a teacher to practice a lot. Obvious as it sounds, it is the only way he or she can transfer valuable knowledge to you. That wouldn’t be possible if he or she doesn’t count with enough time to procure it him or herself.

3. He or she has to be established.

If the teacher isn’t yet well-established, you risk being taught softly or to gently. This means, your teacher needs to be properly independent.


All professional musicians and professional teachers should be able to show you at least one or two professional recordings.

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