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  • Best Piano Studio In Town

    Best Piano Studio In Town

    Welcome Back!
    In this post, we will go through our colleagues at WKMT to express their approach, experience and all what they offer for your piano lessons in London.

    What Do They Offer?

    WKMT, in case you didn’t know this famous studio, is a highly regarded piano studio that provides excellent piano lessons to […]

  • Remote Assessment by ABRSM

    Remote Assessment by ABRSM

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    Until 2020, all music students had one type of exam: the now called “practical exam”.

    The tutors would teach three pieces taken from the ABRSM syllabus. However, the piano performance was one of many things to be examined: part of it was (and still is, actually) aural skills, sight-reading skills and […]

  • The easiest songs to start learning

    Piano lessons in London for beginners

    Calling all beginner piano students in London, and all those looking for starting playing the piano.

    WKMT has recently brought a new article especially elaborated for you all. London is currently one of the best fields where to learn the piano and where a higher amount of people is getting into […]

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Practice Makes Perfect
    Practice Makes Perfect
    A great tip from our colleague Sabrina Curpanen.
    Keep on practising even on holidays


    Who said you are in holidays mean stop practising the piano? Who recommend you to stop your daily practice while on holidays? Practice makes perfect, and that does not mean you are allowed to stop during holidays.

    Sabrina Curpanen, one […]

  • Perfecting your Aural skills

    Perfecting your Aural skills.
    Perfecting your Aural skills.
    AURAL TRAINING for Grade 4

    WKMT brings new post on the blog. Following the previous article which was written by Sabrina Curpanen, a piano teacher at the studio, now we bring the second part of her article series.

    Sabrina […]

  • Scale Training

    Scale Training.
    Scale Training.
    Training your scales with wkmt london.
    Effective Piano Scales Practice

    Yes, we know, Scales once again. One of the hardest parts of piano practice. However, this time we bring an article with which we will help you improve your scale practice. Mark Dowling, a piano instructor for WKMT, has just written and published a new […]