Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

A great tip from our colleague Sabrina Curpanen.

Keep on practising even on holidays


Who said you are in holidays mean stop practising the piano? Who recommend you to stop your daily practice while on holidays? Practice makes perfect, and that does not mean you are allowed to stop during holidays.

Sabrina Curpanen, one of the most committed piano tutors at WKMT, has recently written an article about the importance of practice during our holidays or half terms. How we should do it and why shouldn’t stop it at all (well, a bit more relaxed at least).

It is usually heard that on holidays students stop studying. They just “drop” the piano and do not touch it until they get back to the routine. It is good for them to lower the activity during holidays, especially all those listed in several activities during the week. However, you should not stop it entirely. What we recommend at WKMT is to create a comprehensive study time every day or at least a few days during the week in which you keep on practising all that you saw and learnt during your lessons. That will help you maintain all the knowledge during the time. It is proven that children find it harder when they get back to the routine after a time not practising at all. The piano is hard, as well as every musical instrument. But also is very easy to forget or lose the practice and fingering if we stop for a while.

Read the full article through the link aforementioned with the title, Sabrina will explain much better.

Ps. Hoping you have a great holiday season finding the right balance between practice and joy.

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