• Negative movements: Preparation and prevision in Piano performance

    Scaramuzza technique: Negative Movements

    Piano students are taught from the beginning how to “produce” a rounded and beautiful sound on the piano, but its preparation is often left unclear or ambiguous by Piano Tutors. This article will try to shed some light on the matter.

    What entails the negative movement? Essentially, this is the movement that we […]

  • Italian Music during the Seventeenth Century

    The Italian expansion

    As piano students, surely you have heard in repeated occasions names such as Frederic Chopin, Joseph Haydn, Robert Schumann or one of the most famous musicians that history has known: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. But before all these great composers were born and created sublime music, we have to be aware that a plethora […]

  • Our next WKMT Concert in September

    Haydn Piano and Violin Concerto in London

    One more time, WKMT offers a delightful musical experience for all our members. In this occasion, we will perform the Double Concerto of Joseph Haydn for Violin,  Piano and String Orchestra in F major Hob XVIII:6 by the solid and elegant interpretation skills of Juan Rezzuto at the Piano […]

  • How we prepare our students towards ABRSM Grade 1 at WKMT

    Grade 1 and Pre-grade Syllabus

    One of the most common questions we get as piano tutors in London is when our piano students are ready to start Grade 1 according to the ABRSM Syllabus. In this particular situation, we should contemplate many parameters that have to be taken into an account before considering the preparation of […]

  • Our June Students’ Recitals

    London Piano Festival

    The most awaited date of the year has now been released by WKMT. Our IX Edition of the Music Festivals is arranged for June 15th in London.

    The time flies, but successfully. It has been five years since we started with our Music Festivals, we are now in the 9th edition, and we will […]

  • Clementi: An insight into his life and achievements

    Muzio Clementi

    Among the repertoire pieces or piano etudes in piano tuition, the name of Muzio Clementi certainly crossed our path as students. He was without a doubt, one of the most important figures in the history of the modern Piano. Not only because he was one of the first musicians to compose specifically for modern […]

  • Harpsichord Concert in London

    Classical Concert in London

    Our next edition of WKMT Concerts is happening on April 27th.

    This time, a special programme has been organised to delight us all. Especially to all those fans of the Baroque period of music. After the success we experienced in our last harpsichord concerto in January, we come back with a new […]