• The holistic teaching approach

    Teaching piano at WKMT is more than a task, it is a passion for all the piano teachers involved. WKMT has been running in London since 2010 and it is our greatest pleasure to guide an inspire more students every year. Each piano student represents a unique challenge and a path that is tailored according […]

  • Keeping music in the schools

    keeping music in the schools.
    Should music be a subject in secondary schools?

    Piano lessons London brings a new essay written by one of our Senior piano teachers, Panayiotis Tsitsaros.

    Due to the recent news of removing Music as a subject from all secondary schools in the UK, the reactions to it have come out quicker than expected. […]

  • WKMT Concert February 2020: Haydn and Mozart together

    Classical concert in LondonThe two most famous and influential composers of the Classical period will be together in the first concert of 2020 at St. Cuthbert’s Church for the delight of all WKMT piano students and friends.

    In this occasion, the programme will consist in the Piano Concerto in F-major, H.XVIII:7 composed by the renowned Joseph Haydn, and […]

  • What are the ingredients of the Music?

    What are the ingredients of the Music?
    The five contributing elements in Musical Analysis
    Generally, when we talk about music, we find ourselves focusing just on the melody, or a chord that called our attention, or maybe a characteristic rhythm, but if we want to understand the complexity of a piece we should go much further.

    One of […]

  • The most famous Piano Sonatas

    The most famous Piano Sonatas.
    Analysing Beethoven Sonatas

    We are back with a new post, and what a post! This time, we talk about the famous piano sonatascomposed by the Maestro L.Beethoven. Alvaro Sisti, one of our London piano teachers, has recently written an article in which he explores and analyses the top nine piano sonatas of […]

  • Multi-instrumentalists: Pros and cons of Musical multi-tasking

    Learning the benefits of doing more than one musical instruments

    It is quite common for any person who studies one instrument for a long time to get curious or interested in another one, especially if they can be connected or they complement it other, such cases can be common in singing and piano, guitar and piano, […]

  • Piano tutors’ experiences

    Piano teachers in London

    WKMT comes back with a new interesting post on their blog.

    This time, our Senior piano instructor, Sabrina Curpanen, who has been with us for the last four years by now, talks about her experiences.

    Yes, her experience as a musician and tutor in London. How she combines work, performance and personal life, to […]