• Best Piano Studio In Town

    Best Piano Studio In Town

    Welcome Back!
    In this post, we will go through our colleagues at WKMT to express their approach, experience and all what they offer for your piano lessons in London.

    What Do They Offer?

    WKMT, in case you didn’t know this famous studio, is a highly regarded piano studio that provides excellent piano lessons to […]

  • WKMT London Piano Festival and Importance of Playing the Piano

    Learning to play a musical instrument is an enriching experience for anyone, regardless of their age or skill level. The benefits of playing piano or an instrument go beyond just the ability to produce music. In this article, we will discuss the importance of playing an instrument for any student.


    Firstly, playing an instrument is an […]

  • The rules for Dissonances during the Baroque period

    The rules for Dissonances during the Baroque period
    Full Analysis of Baroque Dissonance on WKMT Blog

    As piano students, you should know how the world of dissonances progressed and evolved through time. From the homophonic and monophonic music in medieval times to the early polyphony in Renaissance times and the invention of the thirds, we arrive at the […]

  • Remote Assessment by ABRSM

    Remote Assessment by ABRSM

    Full details on:

    ABRSM Performance Grades


    Until 2020, all music students had one type of exam: the now called “practical exam”.

    The tutors would teach three pieces taken from the ABRSM syllabus. However, the piano performance was one of many things to be examined: part of it was (and still is, actually) aural skills, sight-reading skills and […]

  • Top Tips to Read Ledger Lines

    Top Tips to Read Ledger Lines
    No matter which instrument you play (I am consciously ruling out singers here), at some point in your music tuition, you will have to face the most daunting sight-reading challenge: the ledger lines.
    This painful task happens more commonly among piano students, which not only have to read ledger lines in one […]

  • Fur Elise Under the Spyglass

    Fur Elise Under the Spyglass
    Fur Elise Full Analysis

    For all piano students, this piece has become an iconic one among the piano repertoire. It is by far the most requested piece to play to all piano teachers worldwide. 

    It is the most played piano piece among amateur pianists, and its fame has increased over the years. In this article, Georgios […]

  • Two-Voice Counterpoint: First species

    Two-voice Counterpoint


    The study of Counterpoint should be compulsory for all piano students and piano teachers alike.
    The reason: it is the way in which the musical discourse unfolds.
    Believe it or not, the Contrapuntal technique started nearly one thousand years ago in medieval times. It developed until the golden era, the Baroque period, being Johann Sebastian Bach […]