• Online Piano Festival by WKMT

    Online Piano Festival by WKMT

    We are back with exciting news!

    WKMT is now organizing what would be the second edition of our new Online Music Festivals. Thanks to the success in our previous Online version in June this year, we are now again doing it.

    This Covid-19 should not stop us, but enhance us and make us […]

  • Haydn Sonata Hob XVI.7 Analysis: Its benefits with WKMT

    Full Analysis of Haydn Sonata Nr 7

    If you are a piano student who is interested in performing this Sonata or perhaps a piano tutor who is currently teaching this piece or maybe you would like to do it in the future, this article written by Mtra. Gisela Paterno is the right for you.

    These analyses are […]

  • The best pianists in the world


    Did you know the names of the best pianists in the world, now and from the past?
    This question is what we aim to answer through this new post, and article published by Iris Kreiman for WKMT Blog. Click on the link aforementioned to read the full article.

    Several times, we speak about piano and pianists, but […]

  • Haydn under the Spyglass

    If you are a passionate piano student, you will find this analysis of the Haydn Sonata N° 33 in C Minor Hob.XVI.20 more beguiling. 

    One of the most challenging tasks for any performer, student or even piano tutor, is to see beyond the notes written on the music sheet. We are so concerned about getting the […]

  • Learn to play Jazz on the piano

    Complete Guide for Jazz Piano Beginners

    WKMT keeps on designing useful, interesting and exciting courses and pieces of advice for all those music connoisseurs interested in music. Different topics and subjects to learn from, and to become a master with.

    If you are a student of ours, you will be notified by your WKMT Accredited piano teacher. […]

  • How and why do we have to practice Scales

    Let’s start with the Why?

    Why every single piano teacher makes their piano students practice scales every day?

    It can be for fun, we presume. No, it is not. Scales are the foundation of every piece of music, and by practicing them, we gain many positive assets. Let us see in detail what we obtain from practicing scales every day:

    Technical […]

  • Why Classical Music?

    For piano teachers that already play Classical music, this is a question that we don’t ask ourselves. The reason is that we already are in love with this style and we feel very passionate about it. Music is part of our lives, and we consider Classical music to be the ultimate expression, the most refined way that […]