The best pianists in the world



Did you know the names of the best pianists in the world, now and from the past?

This question is what we aim to answer through this new post, and article published by Iris Kreiman for WKMT Blog. Click on the link aforementioned to read the full article.

Several times, we speak about piano and pianists, but when the question comes up on the table, the answers are very varied. Why is that?

We all have our favourite piano players, based on our taste, personality, what they play and expression. However, there is an overall answer, objectively speaking, that determine who is the best piano player.

The latter attends to the technique they use, the way they play, the sound they produce, the precision of their hands and fingers, dexterity, the accuracy over any single piece played, and nowadays, we also value the charisma on stage and as an artist. Several factors that define a good or lousy pianist and that is above our taste or preference.

Iris Kreiman has designed a list of thirty-one names, based on the critics and the fame they obtained along with the history with their performances and history as artists/musicians.

Some of them are pretty obvious, based on the history they made in the world of classical music such as Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Schubert, Rachmaninoff, among others. But apart from these stars we all already know, there are some others, more recent, that still hold the medal of belonging to the team of the best in the world.


Who are they?

The article proposes some names such as:

  • Martha Argerich – Argentinian pianist trained with Scaramuzza
  • Bruno Leonardo Gelber – Argentinian pianist, also trained with Scaramuzza. Maestro of our Director Juan Rezzuto.
  • Daniel Barenboim – Argentinian pianist
  • Krystian Zimerman – Polish pianist
  • Evgeny Kissin – Russian pianist
  • Lang Lang – Chinese pianist. A surprise, since a new nationality, has become a part of the best pianists in the world.


Based on the results, we can see that Argentina is, by far, providing with several great musicians, apart from the Eastern countries.

In the article, there are some other pianists, from XXth Century, unfortunately not among us, but that also hold the medal of being the best ones. Find them all in this article.

We hope you like the list, and we genuinely recommend you to listen to some of the recordings and concerts performed by these genii to admire their artistry and potential on the piano.

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