Our London Piano Festivals are meant to be a gateway into musical enjoyment and self-realisation. What would all that effort mean if it wasn’t for the chance of sharing it with a friendly audience?
At WKMT we believe motivation is paramount to fuel our long term musical commitment. A wonderful musical location, an inspiring instrument and a superb organization are gathered to propel the third edition of our London Piano Festivals at Burgh House.  

Come and Join us at our 31.01.2016 London Piano Festival!

Find out more and send your application through our main website…

Choosing the right venues is fundamental. It has to be both containing and inspirational. Our performance psyche is affected by every single element around us. For that reason we pay special attention to where our London Piano Festivals take place. We only organize them in the best possible environments.

Burgh House is an iconic Queen Ann House. Its music room is definitely one of the best examples of English baroque upper-middle-class decoration. The venue is provides a wonderful and comfortable musical environment. Elegance and comfort are balanced in the main panelled music room.

Playing in this spacious and yet intimate space is utterly inspiring. The remaining rooms: library, drawing room, playroom and office, are set up for socializing.

During our London Piano Festivals all our performers and guests have access to the whole house and its exclusive exhibitions.  A small bar is opened specifically to accompany the event. We traditionally offer whites and Prosecco from independent European vineyards. All of the drinks are carefully selected to best complement our event.

The entire concert is recorded professionally using three HD cameras and professional microphones.

Our London Piano Festivals are events to remember and devised to be professionally preserved in your archives.

London Piano Festivals