Every detail of your particular case is taken into account when we design your individualised piano study plan. We can guarantee your piano tuition is taken seriously. We will always provide you with the best tools to optimize your piano practising so you progress quickly and constantly.

Multiple types of training

Your assessment is crucial as it allows us to clearly identify your goals. Our piano tuition approach will be tailored according to your interests and expectations. We welcome piano students interested in learning for their own enjoyment, training for a board examination, or preparing for a university entrance or an international piano competition.

Piano lessons to enjoy

Learning piano is the best of treats and at WKMT we are ready to make your lesson special. Classical music has always been a symbol of comfort.  We are experienced in helping you mastering the three piano performance dimensions while you enjoy every second of your training. Playing piano needs to feel good, sound good and help you connecting with yourself to the deepest level.


Achieving the best results in your exam is our mutual responsibility. Our team is built up of Doctors, Masters and 1st class graduates only. We have gone through that training before that’s why we know the clues that will grant your success!


We have a proven track of success preparing students for their Music College or University piano-course- entrances. We know everything about the British high education system as our professionals are part of these institutions.

Reporting System

Our reporting system is a unique feature of our piano tuition service. It allows you to be fully aware of your progress through the lessons while it enables our directive team to monitor your student-teacher educational integration. Thanks to our report system and our consistent and constant teachers training, we can guarantee the educational consistency throughout all our piano courses.


This lesson mode is ideal for busy professionals seeking for a fully flexible system. Thanks to our professional reporting system you can be scheduled with any of our teachers resting assure that they will know everything about your current study plan and will take from the exact point you left in the previous lesson.


This lesson mode is specifically designed for those students who prefer to develop a closer musical relationship with their teachers. This system allows you to have a primary teacher which will deliver most of the sessions while you have three covers assigned as well so you can benefit for a almost fully flexible booking system.


This lesson mode is special for those students who want to go for the most traditional and old-school style. If you signed up to have lessons with a single teacher you will be taken care always by the same professional but you will have to adjust to the teacher’s availability. You can book your sessions at the end of the lesson through our customer service team.


This mode allows you to have your sessions at your place after having your assessment at the studio. Our directive team still takes responsibility of your progress and you have the possibility of benefiting from a MI session once every 12 HT lessons. This assessments guarantee that you get the best of WKMT even while not attending our premises.

Payment methods and lessons rates

At WKMT we have a wide variety of payment plans suited for every possible educational and financial context. Our packs work in a way that allows you to manage your purchased time as a credit that can be converted in lessons of any length –minimum 30 minutes at the studio and 45 minutes at home-

Peak and off-peak rates

We differentiate the rates so the piano students who come in our quitter times Monday to Friday until 4pm have access to a lower rate. This is as opposite to the on-peak piano lesson fees which gives you full flexibility though Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm

Multiple commitment lengths

The prices change depending on the length of the commitment you go for. We give the chance to allocate different amount of lessons within comfortable time frames that contemplate holiday time and other eventualities

All payment methods accepted

We accept credit and debit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO; cash and online payments via PayPal.

Free finance

We offer convenient and interest free finance for some of our packs. Please feel free to consult to find out what’s the best option for you

Would you like a single one-off session?

We always foster our prospect students to try our piano tuition service on a single-pay-as-you-go trial session prior making any longer commitment. You can purchase it using our MASTER WEBSITE booking system by clicking the button below

£39.90 x 60 minute trial lessons Face-to-face or Online