Learn to play Jazz on the piano

Complete Guide for Jazz Piano Beginners

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In regards to the latter, that’s what we bring today on our blog. The recent blog entry was written by our piano tutor Ana Ortiz Wienken. A piece of advice, with helpful tips on how to learn Jazz piano.

Ana Ortiz has written full advice to help you all understand Jazz music on the piano, and how to play it efficiently and smoothly. WKMT receives plenty of queries requesting jazz piano lessons, either via online or face-to-face in our London studios. Most of them, beginners, interested in this genre of music on the instrument. Undoubtedly, a charming idea. We usually teach Classical music, but we must confess that the interest for Jazz has become more significant during the last two years. Fashion, we guess. Anyway, we adapt to everyone, and for that reason, in our blog, you will find plenty of advice and help with your learning.

In this post, you will learn crucial points like:

  • Meaning and Aim of Jazz Music
  • What you need to start with
  • Steps to go through as a beginner
  • Essential tips to bear in mind
  • Some Harmony concepts

You will need to get familiarized with some concepts and ideas, chords, notes, movements, essential points to go through when learning Jazz, etc, which will make you understand its importance and the meaning, musically speaking.

We invite you to read the full article by clicking on the top of this post. We would better leave the expert to talk about this great and exciting topic. We would love to hear from you, so do not hesitate to let us know what you think and if you have any ideas on this context.



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