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  • 19 Mar 2019

    Composition Series

    Tonal Families: Chord Substitution – Chapter 1

    We are all glad and happy to release and present the new series of articles written by our committed composition instructor for WKMT Blog.

    Gisela Paterno, who we already talked about in previous posts and articles written by her, is now in charge of a great composition series articles.

    This series […]

  • 02 Mar 2019

    Sharing experiences about piano tuition

    Questions we received from students or parents about piano tuition

    As piano teachers, our task is not only to provide piano lessons to the students but most times, we find ourselves facing other challenges which are not in our “job description”. These tasks correspond to introduce the parents, who are usually not musically-trained or even musically […]

  • 05 Feb 2019

    Piano practising with WKMT

    Tips for Practising and Sight Reading

    Piano Lessons in London is now back with a new post. Guess about what? Yes, we talk about the piano, like what we are inspired by and enjoy the most.

    This time, we bring a new post recently published on WKMT Blog, in which Anthony Elward, Senior piano tutor at our […]