A new adventure in Scotland for WKMT

We are excited for the breaking news we bring today.

WKMT  has just launched its new website for piano lessons in Glasgow and Scotland in general. Click here for more info.

Thanks to the success and great amount of applications from 2019 to start learning the piano in our studios, we have decided to look further and seek for new adventures, as well as new projects which would report more prestigious and movement to our studio.

During this process, we saw a lack of professional and standarized websites whose offer piano lessons in those cities or areas in England. Basically, London is far different to the rest of the areas in England and Scotland. In London we have over-information. Everything is displayed, all is announced and advertised, you won’t miss anything, everything that you might need will be found immediately. But in the areas of the interior of the country or even in Scotland, the reality is different. For this reason, we decided to get a piano tutors network, professionally chosen and recruited to all these areas. For all those students or parents who are in need of a professional music instructor for their children, and do not know how to find them, or at least, find a reliable person.

So, finally, this website is already on the web. See link aforementioned. Here you could find your piano tutors in Scotland, and precisely, in Glasgow very soon.

We are now working on the recruitment process as well as on the advertisement on the same, so step by step, you will be able to find all your teachers in the area who would be accredited by WKMT as the leaders of the piano tuition in London.

Belonging to WKMT would mean access to you and your beloved ones to plenty of musical events in London and on stream live every month, as well as belonging to a whole community of piano teachers and students.

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