Why Classical Music?

For piano teachers that already play Classical music, this is a question that we don’t ask ourselves. The reason is that we already are in love with this style and we feel very passionate about it. Music is part of our lives, and we consider Classical music to be the ultimate expression, the most refined way that our culture provided for the last four hundred years. 

For piano students who reach this instrument because they are interested in playing Classical music, the reasons are varied:

Some of them played in their youth, and their interest started there, some of them seek to play contemporary classical pieces, such as the example of compositions by Ludovico Einaudi, which music is characterized for its smoothness and tranquil style

 We could say that this particular style of music is a lighter version of Classical music, but in its defense, quite achievable in a short or medium-term for piano players.

What people that are not pretty much interested in Classical music don’t know is the fact they probably like this style without being aware of it. 


Film composers are by far the best example of how Classical music is among us without knowing it.


A remarkable example is John Williams, creator of the music of movies of the last 40 years, such as ET, Star Wars, Superman, Schindler’s list or Jurassic Park, among many more.

 All his compositions are strongly influenced by composers such as Debussy, Ravel or Stravinsky!

We can even find lots of Classical music in old Cartoons, like Tom and Jerry (the first version) and the Pink Panther.

As Anthony Elward says in his article “We could say that Rock such as Metal is loud, Pop is glossed and commercial, Classical is academic and privileged. When we take a minute to look past stereotypes and explore a little further; we realise the truth and see a completely different picture. ” If you would like to read the full article and get to know why classical music for your tuition, click on the link below mentioned:


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