Online Piano Festival by WKMT

Online Piano Festival by WKMT

We are back with exciting news!

WKMT is now organizing what would be the second edition of our new Online Music Festivals. Thanks to the success in our previous Online version in June this year, we are now again doing it.

This Covid-19 should not stop us, but enhance us and make us think about new ways of adapting and reinvent the way we do classical music, concerts or piano recitals. We need to continue with our lives, and in case we can not gather or enjoy the social events, at least do it remotely. Keeping up with our daily routine and with what we truly love. These are challenging times, and it is now when we need to stand stronger than ever and make things that we will be proud of once all this pass by. The easy task is to do nothing and keep on complaining about the situation. The hardest part is the resilience. Keeping up standing, and continue doing great things.

For that reason we truly believe that is our main responsibility to stay there and keep our students motivated and busy with piano practice. New concepts, new goals and performance opportunities for them. That is the best way. And with this online piano festivals we aim to get that. Everyone got used to it very easily, and we thank them all for their support and continuity during these tough times. It is time to gather and keep joint emotionally, when physically is not an option.


In case you are not on of our students, but would like to join us and show online what you are capable of on the piano, do not hesitate to contact us.

Save the date:

28th November 2020 from 4pm via Zoom app.

More details through this link:


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