Perfecting your Aural skills

Perfecting your Aural skills.

Perfecting your Aural skills.



WKMT brings new post on the blog. Following the previous article which was written by Sabrina Curpanen, a piano teacher at the studio, now we bring the second part of her article series.

Sabrina Curpanen is actively providing her students with the right tools to get the best results at ABRSM/Trinity Examinations. As we all know, these musical examinations are built up in four different sections: Performance of the pieces requested in the repertoire, scales and arpeggios, sight reading and aural test. In this series of articles, we talk about the latter.

As per our experience as Music studio since 2010, we have found several students with the same difficulties when preparing the grades. The Aural test is by far the section that presents more difficulties for the students. The main reason is that it is a test that combines singing skills. Being honest, no many of us have singing skills to perform it properly, for that reason, we find it that difficult or not so easy to perform. That’s why we make sure all our students have the training needed and according to the requirements of these official examinations. Sabrina is also aware of the situation, and that is the main purpose of her series.

In our previous post, she presented the methods and tips to prepare the Aural test for the Grades 1 to 3. And now, this article presents the four main steps to improve the same test for Grade 4. A very useful post that will help us all to know more about this test and how to improve our aural skills to perform this section of the exams the best way possible.

She mentions the four steps to get it perfectly trained: Melodic repetition, sight singing, musical features and rhythmic repetition and metre.

Do not miss this second chapter and read it fully clicking on the link aforementioned as aural training.


Ps. We already have the third and last chapter of this series: AURAL TEST For Grade 5. Click on the links according to your current grade and start improving the aural skills!

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