Scale Training

Scale Training.

Scale Training.

Training your scales with wkmt london.

Effective Piano Scales Practice

Yes, we know, Scales once again. One of the hardest parts of piano practice. However, this time we bring an article with which we will help you improve your scale practice. Mark Dowling, a piano instructor for WKMT, has just written and published a new article on WKMT Blog. He decided to write about Scales in order to be able to provide us all with three easy and successful practice methods for our scales. Without forgetting the importance of this practice for all of us as pianists.

We can summarize the importance of the scales to the strength and speed of the fingers. The perfect exercise to boost our finger strength, while learning useful scales for future piano pieces. However, there is much more behind learning and practising scales. Different methods that can be used according to our own conditions. Mark lists the three most common methods used by him getting great results with:

1- Repetition

2- Visualisation

3- Kinaesthetic Grouping Method

Probably, you might have used one any of them. The last method is, under our point of view, the most interesting way. It blends the methods 1 & 2 to create a new way of practising the scales. It requires a bit more of effort, however, once you get it, it becomes more powerful than the others. The difference is just because the 1 & 2 methods might become hard and tedious, while the 3rd one makes you think and organise the practice in a different way.

Do not miss this helpful article in which you will learn more about the Scales and some recommended bibliography for your piano training. Learn with the professionals and overall, with the pianists in London with WKMT. Go to the link aforementioned and start putting these tips into practice.

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