Our Singing Teacher and his new piano arrangements

Our Singing Teacher and his new piano arrangements.

Our Singing Teacher and his new piano arrangements.

Rearranging a piece into a Piano Ballad

We would like to thank Dominik for his last article for WKMT Blog. Our piano tutor and singing instructor at WKMT London has recently written an article in which he talks about his singing adventures in London. Performances and new projects combining his skills as a singer, on the piano and music composition.

He has lately composed a vocal song called “Answers”, and before starting to perform it widely, he needed accompaniment to make it more powerful. That’s why he thought of the idea of composing music for the instruments accompanists. In this case, he managed to compose a piano ballad which will accompany perfectly during his singing performance. And that is exactly what he talks about in this article. The process that he followed to convert a single song into a powerful piece within the piano and vocal momentum.

Read the full article through the link aforementioned. This article might help all the vocal students willing to compose music for their accompanists. As every musician, we shall all be able to compose music, at least some short pieces whose help us in every situation.

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