A helpful piece of advice about body posture on the piano

A helpful piece of advice about body posture on the piano.

A helpful piece of advice about body posture on the piano.

Learning the different techniques within the Ergonomics point of view.

How to get the perfect body posture on the piano

When we try to correct the bad habits of our body posture we usually think about physiotherapy.  Which is indeed a very handy solution. However, there are plenty of other ways to finally get rid of those bad habits as well as their consequences for our body, muscles, joints…

And that is exactly what Irene Bejar, in her article for WKMT, aims to explain. She is a violin teacher at WKMT London. She usually talks about the violin, however, this article is also extendable to piano. In the way we should sit when playing the piano as well as positioning our hands and body properly. Actually, one of the very first topics during our piano lessons is basically how to sit on the bench , how to positionate our body and how to place our arms, hands and fingers on the piano.

The interesting part of this article apart from the above is that she explains all about the Ergonomics. Have you ever heard about it?

Ergonomics, summarised means the analysis, creation or proposal of certain tools to adapt the uses of certain technologies or machines to the human being. Within this field, we have different techniques or methods whose help us to adapt ourselves in the best way, as well as solving the problems caused for these bad habits. Amongst the most famous ones, she talks about Alexander technique. Probably the most famous method usually practiced nowadays. Even the NHS has a department entirely created with this method for the patients with same issues.

Do not miss this helpful article in which you will learn the importance of sitting or holding our music instrument properly, and the different ways you can reduce the injuries and pains caused by the times studying and playing the instrument. When we force our body to make a certain movement which is not natural, our body will tend to react overexercised and pinned. So read it fully and get in touch with our advises and tips for you to become a master of the piano.

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