Dangerous piano school reviews

Dangerous piano school reviews

Dangerous piano school reviews

It has been a couple of weeks since the appearance of a rather uncanny article about London Piano practices. Our attention to it was driven by an email received from a colleague whose school was targeted by the same web page.

We‘ve found out that the people behind this website were anonymous. In other words, there was no intention from them to reveal their identities. Any serious organization would always show its credentials and/or the credentials of their members on request. We inferred that this is most probably a screening website designed by a competing school to deviate the attention towards their own practice.

The purpose of this post is to keep you aware of the situation and to advise you to look for verified reviews when assessing the quality of London piano teachers before running into conclusions about what tutor to choose for yourself or your children. Go for Google business reviews, Facebook reviews, LinkedIn comments or any other sort of feedback delivered using verifiable accounts. The latter will keep you away from fake reviews, manipulated information and therefore dangerous piano school reviews.

The link below shows the current stats about London School Reviews. This page showcases an up-to-date account on how many reviews each of the main private London piano schools has on Google Business. It also shows the average score for each school gets according to Google business. It will soon incorporate some information about prices. This page could be a perfect starting point if you are looking to do some online research about London Piano practices.

Click here for a neutral source of piano lessons London reviews

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