Piano Rooms

Providing you with the best environment is part of our commitment. Learning within inspiring premises can play a decisive role in helping your focusing and enjoyment. Our piano rooms at WKMT show how we pay attention to all these details…

Our Piano Rooms, No. 1 - The Library

All our spaces are very well taken care off so we can make sure you feel at home and treated while you learn from our top-notch teachers. “The library” is equipped with a state-of-the-art hybrid Kawai piano connected to a massive screen that allows the teacher to point out in detail any content in the score that might deserve your attention. This room is meant for Piano and Composition students

Our Piano Rooms, No. 2 - Grand Piano Room

Our piano lessons happen in an environment that helps our students to feel comfortable and inspired! We believe that both piano student and teacher thrive if they develop their activities in a proper and encouraging space. At WKMT you are always be surrounding by the best instrument within the proper atmosphere.

Our Piano Rooms, No. 3 - The Brown Room

Our pianist philosophy is based on our unstoppable hunger for development. It is fundamental for us, as piano teachers, to feel we count with all we need at the reach of our hands. The Brown is meant mainly for singers and pianists. It is the perfect private environment to relax and let your musical creativity fly.

Waiting Area

Socialize and enjoy an wonderful artisan drink while you comfortably wait for your piano lesson. At WKMT we take care of you since you cross our front door. Making you feel contained and at home is another of our musical concerns. How could you feel creative otherwise?...



Marcos Carceles
I started to study piano with Juan and Gisela from scratch, in a few weeks I was already playing a very interesting piece and a year later I was surprised by the progress I had made. All this wouldn't have been possible without extraordinary teachers and a great enjoyable atmosphere. After having moved out from UK, learning piano here is one of the things I miss the most.