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Private Piano lessons London and the best musical hospitality...

Private piano lessons in London have never so enjoyable. We believe that your piano lesson should be a treat as well as a challenge. We know the effort you put on making yourself available to us. We highly value your time and we want you to enjoy it in full.

To complete a rounded elevating experience, all your lessons are complemented with artisan drinks. We offer Nespresso coffee in all its variants. Enjoy a wonderful cappuccino, latte or your favorite Americano. The most amazing teas are also at the order of the day. We count with a rich collection of Mariage Freires and Twinnings teas for you to choose from.

Private piano lessons in London are a pleasure if delivered by professionals. Our private piano lessons London are conducted only by top-notch professionals. Passion, dedication, commitment and knowledge define our educational approach when delivering Private piano lessons London.

Our studio is busy but our doors always remain open to welcome passionate prospect students. Get in touch today and request your free Private piano lessons London consultation.

Coffee - Nespresso

As one of our efforts to make your piano lesson even more enjoyable we are always willing to offer you a delicious Nespresso coffee with your session. Don’t hesitate in asking what’s the latest blend and in specifying the serving you like (cappuccino, Americano…). We will prepare your coffee quickly while you warm up and have it ready in a few minutes.


At WKMT we only serve the best teas. Mariage Freres are the teas of our choice. Mariage Frères tea has become synonymous with a lively, sensual, international lifestyle that skilfully combines cultural awareness with aesthetic and gustatory considerations. Enjoy the best tea and focus on your piano lessons have never been so indulgent.

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Published: October 7, 2015




Private Piano lessons London at our main studio

Private piano lessons London at our main studio. It is our passion to perfect the best environment possible.