Realisations of a committed piano teacher

Realisations of a committed PIANO TEACHER

Realisations of a committed piano teacher

When a beginner piano student is confronted with a truly committed piano teacher, learning can only end in success. 

When a student shows certain resistance to understanding musical notation, it can be the case that we are not explaining the topics in the right way for that specific student. It doesn’t mean that we are not explaining things clear enough, it can mean that we are just using all the wrong analogies altogether.

Some people are more abstract than others and can, therefore, benefit from completely different type of explanations. How to choose the right teaching style? That is a very difficult question to answer. We can also try research our student ancestral background. For example, some people feel more comfortable when we explain subjects relating them to nature or the way in which natural elements relate to each other. On the contrary, some other people prefer to build up their own bespoke abstract structures.

Developing a fine sensitivity so we can detect our students’ learning style remains at the core of our efforts in order to choose the right piano teaching style.

Juan Rezzuto, WKMT director, shares with our community his experiences when teaching piano.


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