Effective and enjoyable training

At WKMT, we focus on providing you with a straight to the point approach. We believe results are better when we focus on each one of our students’ specific needs. We know how to motivate you by helping you enjoy the pleasure of learning music in the right way; the one you need to succeed.

Adult Piano Courses

Our Adult Piano Courses are designed to be less time consuming and more effective than traditional piano lessons. We know you are busy, we know you love music and we know how to get you as close to music as you have always dreamt to be.  At WKMT we know a good beginning is everything when learning piano.

Children Piano Courses

Whether your child is preparing for a GRADE examination or you just want to help them have a nice insight into the world of music, our experts piano teachers will make sure the experience is memorable.Our motto is: “Motivate, aid focusing and unleash your inspiration…”

Are you serious about starting your piano lessons? Our team is ready to help you as soon as you get in touch!

Affordable fees from £29.90 per hour

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Full-flexible-bookings. Your lessons whenever you can have them

Our booking system allows you to manage your time freely. Our studio PA, Matias Bustamante Hauck, is ready to help you book your session with as little as 24 hrs notice, sometimes less! WKMT works Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm so we can help you organise your lessons virtually any time during the week and weekend.

Extraordinarily specialised and highly qualified teachers

A team of Postgraduates, Doctors and international artists is waiting to start helping you with your piano training. Regardless if you are a beginner or an advanced student, if you like Classical or Jazz music, our large and specialised team has the perfect plan for you. Come to WKMT and start your piano training today!

The best possible environment. Come and feel treated...

As if all we mentioned before wasn’t enough, WKMT is proud to provide our students with the best possible environment in London for piano learning for any independent piano studio. Our rooms are just inspiring… they house he best instruments, great traditional decco. We add warm hospitality including complimentary artisan drinks from Nespresso and Mariage Frères.. WKMT is unbeatable!