• 19 Sep 2018

    Analysing the Beginnings of Harpsichord Music

    Analysing the Beginnings of Harpsichord Music. Analysing the Beginnings of Harpsichord Music. LEARN MORE ABOUT HARPSICHORD WITH WKMT. French Lutenists' Influence in Harpsichord Music Did you know something about the harpsichord? This very ancient instrument is still on nowadays. A very special one with a quite delicate sound. Well, now at WKMT we have a new Harpsichord ready to […]
  • 14 Sep 2018

    Parallelism with Music

    Parallelism with Music. Parallelism with Music. EDGAR A. POE, STRAVINSKY, ARISTOTLE AND MUSIC. Parallelism between Aristotle on Music - Part I Parallelism between Edgar Allan Poe on Music - Part II Gisela Paterno, Head Teacher at WKMT London, has been with us for the last 5 years, providing either composition and piano lessons, amongst some other music lessons She is a usual writer for […]
  • 13 Aug 2018

    Perfecting your Aural skills

    Perfecting your Aural skills. Perfecting your Aural skills. IF YOU ARE PREPARING A MUSICAL EXAMINATION, DO NOT MISS THIS SERIES OF ARTICLES. AURAL TRAINING for Grade 4 WKMT brings new post on the blog. Following the previous article which was written by Sabrina Curpanen, a piano teacher at the studio, now we bring the second part of her article series. Sabrina […]
  • 07 Aug 2018

    Scale Training

    Scale Training. Scale Training. Training your scales with wkmt london. Effective Piano Scales Practice Yes, we know, Scales once again. One of the hardest parts of piano practice. However, this time we bring an article with which we will help you improve your scale practice. Mark Dowling, a piano instructor for WKMT, has just written and published a new […]
  • 02 Jul 2018

    Thrilling piano student performances

    Thrilling piano student performances. Thrilling piano student performances. HERE WE BRING SOME OF THE GREATEST PIANO PERFORMANCES FROM OUR LAST VII EDITION OF WKMT MUSIC FESTIVALS. WKMT Piano Festival 2018 While we are organizing our next VIII Edition of WKMT Music Festivals this November, we bring some of the best results gotten in our last edition. In May 2018, we […]
  • 24 Jun 2018

    Our Director playing Haydn Piano Concerto

    Our Director playing Haydn Piano Concerto. Our Director playing Haydn Piano Concerto. join wkmt on 29th September for a fabulous classical concert in London. Juan Rezzuto plays Haydn Our monthly Classical concerts in London stop now until September, once the Summer and holidays are over. Then we welcome the new term of your piano lessons in London from September with […]
  • 18 Jun 2018

    Learning more about Debussy and Ravel

    Learning more about Debussy and Ravel. Learning more about Debussy and Ravel. How the art influenced the classical music DURING the 20TH cENTURY.  Impressionism and Neoclassicism in Music I guess you have heard about Debussy, the famous composer from late 19th and early 20th Century. His music is peace for our ears. It makes us feel the sounds from the nature: birds, […]