Analysing British popular Music and national identity

analysing British popular Music and national identity.

Analysing British popular music and National Identity.

Britpop, indie and electro dance music in Britain.


How influential could the music be in a society? Can the music determine trend social aspects? Music means a lot in a society, it could be inspired in a society or inspire an entire society. It might be the cause or the consequence of some changes in the society. That is what already happened in the 90’s in Britain, when some bands proliferated with new rhythms and lyrics that shook an entire English society, which, perhaps, was in need of something new.

Well, our recent article published on our blog talks about it. It is a summary of British popular music and National identity from David Hesmondhalgh, the famous article which talks about how different music genres proliferated in the 90’s, and how the British music has evolved from that point to nowadays. Genres like indie rock, a newly developed genre and more aesthetic coming from rock, the famous Britpop, black British music and the new electro dance music very common and generally listened in all the Clubs in London creating the Clubbing concept.

In this case, Dominik Brendan, singing and piano teacher at the studio, digs into this article to explore the idea of music within a society. It makes us think how important music is and how influential could be in the individuals, and therefore, in a whole society. Do not miss the chance to read it and get to know the changes that music did in Britain for that while.






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