Ancient Music

Ancient Music.

Ancient Music.

We explore the music in ancient Greece and Pythagoras’ discoveries.


Here we bring a new article published at WKMT Blog, written by Anthony Elward, a piano teacher at the studio. In this occasion, we look back up to reach Ancient Greece and analyse the music in its beginnings.

The signs of music found date from the Prehistoric era. The period in which the music is related to the human beings. So basically, what we know like music has existed since the humans are in the world, however, the music in itself dates from 55,000 years approximately. In our new article, we analyse the second of the eras, Ancient Music, or how the music was in ancient Greece. When Pythagoras is famous today for his alleged mathematical discoveries,  as well as discoveries in the fields of astronomy, medicine and music. Yes, he also made important contributions and discoveries about the music. That’s why we bring this great article which explains some interesting ideas he had for music.

Among other, he discovered from dividing the string into fractions how to create different pitches. From that, He pointed out some notes for each of the fractions. That will give us fourths, fifths and octaves. And the second discovery we talk about in this article is harmonic series. Every note can be split into higher pitches of sound.

In the link aforementioned you will find this interesting article about the music in ancient Greece, and how Pythagoras studied and progressed the music as how we know it nowadays. We will try our best to analyse the signs of music found in the Prehistoric era. In the meantime, do not miss the chance of reading this.

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacings of the spheres”.

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