How and where you begin taking Piano lessons

Have you ever asked yourself why some people succeed when they pick up an activity they like and why some others don’t? The answer is so simple that almost everybody turns a blind eye to it. How you begin an activity, piano in this case, tremendously matters. That is why you should take time to carefully think how much effort you are going to put into the first steps of your learning process. Of course, the environment in which you will learn comes in handy as well. Your effort and the atmosphere that surrounds you will determine how well you start this magnificent path of learning how to play the piano.

Even Hollywood producers are very well acquainted with this principle. In the past, movies began by rolling the credits.  No movie director nowadays would ever dare to do that. This is simply because the way they begin their movies determines the audience’s attention they will get and therefore the success of their movies. Learning how to play the piano is not different at all. You can either begin with little enthusiasm and let it wear off by the second lesson, or you can commit to your first piano lesson in such a way that it will leave a permanent imprint in your musical experience. Here is an example that may shed some light on the topic. One of my friend’s favourite TV series is CSI. He claims that from the very first minute of the episode you cannot avoid standing on the edge of your seat. No one could resist the temptation of wanting to know what will happen next after that “bang, bang”, dead body and missing shoes. You would give everything to know who killed that man and who those missing shoes belong to. I can hardly imagine myself not being on the edge of my seat while watching an episode like that.

My personal experience as West Kensington Music Team’s Director’s Personal Assistant (not physically knowing the studio yet) is very much alike. The dynamic of the lessons at the studio, the motivation that the team of teachers has and how they transmit it to their students, the constant training to which this team is exposed, the state-of-the-art instruments and their neat arrangement in the cozy rehearsing rooms make me feel the same way my friend feels when he watches his favourite TV series. I can assure you that the atmosphere and environment at this music studio is perfect to help you boost you interest and motivation towards music, especially the piano, the king of all instruments.

Always remember, how and where you begin something matter. Choosing the right place to take piano lessons in London might not be easy if you are determined to learn how to play the piano and choose the right environment to do so, like the one I have found where motivation and commitment flow, your success is more than guaranteed. Make sure that your lessons are full of motivation as well as expectation. Be always on the edge of your seat and expect to learn in a way that you have never imagined. Your motivation as well as the one in the place where you are to take the music lessons is a combustible mixture that needs only a spark to set it alight.

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