Some highlights on our last “Soiree Musical”

The most amazing musical evening with Gabriele Baldoci, Giulio Potenza and Juan Rezzuto (organizer) at Holland Park Avenue.

We were very lucky to enjoy the first “exclusive music soiree” of a series of private concerts to happen at this stupendous venue. In spite of the fact these events are not open to the public and involve only friends and special guests, they are still meant to:

  1. Liaise with international artists, provide international concert pianists with high profile performance opportunities
  2. Provide our most qualified teachers/artists with a respectable performance opportunity
  3. Provide some chosen superlative students with the chance to share their art within a perfect environment.

The evening started with Giulio Potenza performing Janacek Sonata for Piano No. 1 and Beethoven Appasonata. Then Gabriele Baldoci followed with Chopin Ballad No. 1 after which they did Rachmaninov four hands.

It was a great privilege to have this music giant, Gabriele Baldoci, and his protégé Giulio Potenza sharing so much serious art and spontaneity with us within such an inspiring environment. The performances were just elevating.

Potenza delivered a very well stated Janacek which was firm and clear in its phrasing. The performance was crowded with dynamic cliffs that enhanced the mesmerizing counterpoint between forte and ethereal passages.

Baldoci just enchanted the audience with a performance of the Balad No. 3 which showed the most professional management of tone along with a superior arrangement of dynamics. This version was paradigmatic.

We truly regret not having a proper recording of this night rehearsal to add to this brief account. All our following evenings will be properly registered in Audio and Video.

We take the chance to express our infinite gratitude to Richard Goulding who has so kindly created this opportunity to share one expression of high arts with a very enthusiastic and friendly audience.

I personally find these series quite inspiring as they offer the chance to us, musicians, to work on a continuum of projects through the year.

At the moment I personally took the challenge of playing and recording some iconic J. C. Bach piano concerti with string quartet. They are very light yet defining pieces from the “galante” period which serve as great concert initiators while they perfectly suit an intimate / non-theatrical environment.

Another advantage of working on this particular repertoire is the focus on the tone quality. Not exhibiting speed challenges or thick polyphonies, gives the chance to the performer to focus on the refinement of single line phrasing and the beauty of sound. The splendid Boesendorfer is the perfect ally when trying to accomplish these delicate musical aims.

We take the chance of inviting everyone to our next open music even, the 3rd Edition of our WKMT London Music Festival to take place the 31.01.2016 at Burgh House. All students are invited to express their interest and to work out with their teachers which pieces to perform.

We wish all Merry Musical Christmas and Happy New Year!

Juan Jose Rezzuto

CEO – West Kensington Music Team

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