Have Fun and Learn with West Kensington Music Team

Taking piano lessons in London has never ever been so enjoyable.  No matter your level or target style, West Kensington Music Team is ready to help you materialise your dream of becoming an efficient piano player. How do we achieve this? By simply combining what is best suitable for our students, expertise and an enjoyable environment.

At some point in life, we have all felt that the ways of a given teacher were not appropriate for us. It happened to me many times while at primary and secondary school. Some teachers yelled too much, some others reproduced what they have read a couple of days ago and some others simply stood behind their desk instructing us homework. Only a few left a permanent teaching in my life. I am sure it happened to you as well. What about university professors? Some of them seem to fall into the same categories than the ones mentioned above. However unbelievable it may seem, this does not happen at our music school, West Kensington Music Team. Piano lessons there are a dream come true. What is our secret? In the first place, the teachers. From Juan Rezzuto, who is the headmaster at the school, to the newest member in the team, we struggle fiercely to mold and adapt to our student’s needs and way of learning. All of them are sound pianists and excellent professionals in the musical field as in their humanistic values, which definitely guarantees your academic success.

So far so good, but what about the other element that makes this music school so special? The environment in which you learn any discipline tremendously matters. That is why we have decided to do our best so as to provide our students with the best and most enjoyable learning scenario. The rehearsing rooms at the studio are equipped not only with state-of-the-art instruments, but also with the more refined and traditional decoration, which perfectly matches the classic London style. Last, but not least, in the quest for delighting students and parents even more, we have reached the conclusion that there is nothing more comforting than enjoying a cup of the most refined tea or special coffee selection while doing an activity you really enjoy. That is why we have also included complimentary artisan drinks from Mariage Frères and Nespresso for you to enjoy when you come over.

Who said enjoying the learning process wasn’t possible? WKMT is the living proof that learning to do something, playing the piano in this case, can be immensely exciting. We struggle to teach and instruct you in the most pleasant way as possible and our effort has already made happy more than two hundred students in just a bunch of years. We would be over the moon to welcome you at our musical school so that you can have an unforgettable experience while learning, what we consider, the King of the instruments, the piano.

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