Be healthy, take piano lessons in London

Health is what keeps us moving. Why neglect it? Nowadays, most people rush from one place to another realising only by the end of the day how stressful the routine has been.  Our mind is a double edged sword which can be very harmful if used incorrectly. That is why we need to learn how to divert mind and physical stress by slowing down a bit and doing a healthy activity. Have you ever heard anyone saying that taking piano lessons can improve somebody’s health? As professionals in the musical field, we can guarantee that.

In the first place, listening to music activates multiple areas of your brain, but actually playing an instrument is like pushing your brain into a boot camp. Learning how to play the piano, for example, makes fireworks go off in one’s brain and brings about long-term positive effects. Playing such a beautiful instrument keeps the mind sharper as we age. Why does this happen? The answer is simple as well as delightful. Being actively engaged in learning how to play a musical instrument serves as a challenging cognitive exercise, which makes your brain fitter and more capable of adapting to the challenges of aging.

Secondly, playing an instrument helps reduce stress. If you live in London, you must have witnessed and experienced yourself how stressful is to live in such a big and busy city. We can assure you that taking piano lessons in London is definitely the perfect way to counteract the stress caused by the hustle and bustle of this big city. The stress reducing effects of playing the piano can even be more powerful than an orally-administered anxiolytic drug. How marvelous!

In addition, playing an instrument help our immune system keep fit. Does this mean that playing the piano, for example, can help you prevent disease? Definitely. Research has shown that after being exposed to music, the amount of a first-line defense antibody in our immune system, the IgA, increases considerably.  Imagine how the increase of antibodies may be boosted by being exposed to the music you are producing yourself, or with the help of a good piano instructor.

In conclusion, learning how to play an instrument not only means that you are going to have a good and enjoyable time before your favourite instrument, but also that you are going to keep healthy and live a completely new life. Your experience here at West Kensington Music Team will definitely leave a permanent imprint in your life. We work very hard to make of your lessons an unforgettable experience. Come and learn piano with us.

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