How to be prepared for a piano performance

How to be prepared for a piano performance.

How to be prepared for a piano performance.

wkmt help you to be prepared for your next piano performance.


Have you ever performed in front of an audience? How did you feel before and after doing it? Could you have done it better?

Mark Dowling, our piano teacher at the studio responds all those questions with his own experience and gives some tips, physical and psychological, in order to prepare ourselves for any musical performance. Because for all those starting to perform, it is crucial to have a wide idea of what that means and what that will need from us, so we have to fully prepare ourselves for such a stressful situation.

You can find our last article explaining all that on the link shared above.

Perfectionism is the “ultimate self-defeating behaviour. It turns people into slaves of success – but keeps them focussed on failure, dooming them to a lifetime of doubt and depression. It also winds up undermining achievement in the modern world.” (Marano. E. H. 2008)

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