Our next piano masterclass

Our next piano masterclass.

Our next piano masterclass.

a masterclass organised for our young piano students.


WKMT has organised a piano Masterclass for all our young piano students at our studio in West Kensington. Our Senior piano teacher specialized in lessons for kids, will be in charge of the masterclass.

How will the masterclass work?

We will reunite all our selected students around the Grand piano. One by one, they will be on the piano practicing and checking with the teacher their mistakes and errors when playing the pieces selected. They will also reinforce scales and rhythm, as well as they will be rehearsing some pieces for our next Music Festival in May 2018. There will be some musical games and be promoting the participation of every single student.

It is such a great opportunity for them to listen to other students the same age, perform their own skills and to be competitive on the piano.

This has been the result of our last Masterclass in November, prior the VI Edition of our Music Festival, where they all, including the parents, enjoyed it and it was very helpful for them to improve their confidence in front of an audience. So we could say, that these masterclasses help to encourage them to play while being listened by the public.


Have a look at our article published on the blog (link above) to explain a little bit more about the masterclass and do not hesitate to sign up your kid(s) for this great opportunity.

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