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PIANO LESSONS price in London

Piano lessons price in London – Analysis

There is a wide variety of options in terms of hourly rates piano teachers charge for their services. These rates are representative of:

  • London areas / locations
  • Teachers Qualifications
  • Type of premises
  • Lesson duration
  • Goals
  • Complementary educational items that come together with the sessions
  • Studio structure and teachers consistency


Piano lessons cost. How do I know how much should I expect to pay for piano lessons?

It all depends on your goals and the level of commitment you expect from the teacher/studio. Learning piano requires a certain level of dedication and a high level of commitment. In general, you can find independent professionals who can prove to be fabulously professional or the total opposite. But everything falls into certain guidelines:


For an independent teacher to come to your home you should end paying an hourly rate in the range of £50-£100 (piano lessons price). We are always talking about young professionals between 20 to 30 years old, with good qualifications and who count with some audio/video recordings of them performing. You can check websites like gumtree.co.uk, musicteachers.com, tutorhunt.com, etc.


How do I assess teacher quality?

Performances as a soloist with orchestra are a milestone in any pianist’s career.  If you a find a teacher who has some recordings performing with an orchestra in a respectable venue, then you should be ready to pay a prime.



Because only 1 every 50 well trained classical pianists (approximate number) – which are not a lot to start with – managed to gain the respect needed from their fellow musicians to play accompanied by an orchestra of professional performers.


How much could that prime be?

It depends on the professional but, in general, you will be talking about £80 – £150 per hour, depending on how established the pianist is and his teaching vocation. I’m not going to quote the cliche phrase “you can be a great teacher without being a great pianist”, but it is true that not every great pianist is a great teacher.


What is a piano studio or piano practice?

A piano practice, institute or studio is like the atelier of a famous painter. It is the place where the piano Maestro is based and from where it imparts his piano technique. The concept of piano practice or studio is very old, and it is inherently connected with the best-rooted traditions of piano learning.

Before the rise of music faculties and colleges, the only way to study piano properly was under the direction of a respectable maestro. Scaramuzza is the perfect example of one of them.

The student would attend his or her lessons at the Maestro’s home. The experience for the student would have started from the point in which the student step a foot in this wonderful musical micro-Universe: the Maestro’s house.

The studio has always been an inspiring environment. I was very lucky to study piano in Buenos Aires. This fabulously romantic capital blesses its piano students with the chance of experiencing the most bohemian environments where music and interiors become one single inspiring entelechy.

Is it a school?

Not really.

Is it well organised?

It can definitely be. Piano lessons price

Does the Maestro teach on his or her own?

Not necessarily, it is quite common for the Maestro to count with his/her assistant teachers.


Is it better than studying with an independent teacher?

It is a relative matter, but in general, attending a studio or a piano institute could mean that you are better-taken care of.


Because, a piano studio counts with more teachers, therefore, if one gets sick or is unable to teach for any reason, you are still able to take your lesson with another professional

Couldn’t that confuse the student?

Not if you are attending a properly organised studio. Why? Because in a proper studio every single team member knows about how the students attending the practice are progressing. There is a community behind each teacher, there is a common piano technique or pianistique school and there is a code of communication. These guarantees the education consistency through the different teachers. Piano lessons price


Piano lessons rates. How much people pay to attend piano lessons in a piano studio, institute or centre in London?


There are many piano schools, centres, studios or institutes in London. We will quote only these four as they are particularly prominent and easy to reach. We don’t consider the Royal College of Music a studio neither the Royal Academy of Music for obvious reasons.

The current market prices for these organizations are:


Studio / School / Institute One-to-one piano lesson Hourly Rate
West Kensington Music Team Ranging from £53 – £79
Sokol Academy Ranging from £80
London Piano Institute Ranging from £65 approx.
London Piano Centre Ranging from £76


These prices were obtained using Google on 07.04.2023 at 18.28 UK time. In some cases, it is hard to find a precise hourly rate due to the way it is shown on the website. We always recommend you visit their websites or contact them directly to double-check their current prices.

Not at all. Price can depend on many things. Profit margin the organization is looking to obtain, location costs or wages, but not necessarily teaching quality.  


Are these piano lessons costs set on stone?

Not at all. You should perform your own research. These are prices taken out from these organizations websites. You must perform your own research. Piano lessons prices can vary from time to time. You need to call the studios, ask for information, let them explain their services and then take a decision based on your own findings. This page is just a neutral and humble guide. There is another guide about reviews available at CLICK HERE

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