Helping you to achieve your performing goals

Helping you to achieve your performing goals.

Helping you to achieve your performing goals.


Have you ever performed in front of an audience? Once finished, you thought you could have done better? There are many factors that could make you fail your performance, however, at WKMT we try those factors at least are not your fears or unconfidence.
This article was written by our one of our teachers and piano accompanist Irene Bejar. She aims to help us all to step up with our performing skills and not letting our fears making us fail in our performance. Because one thing is to learn the piece(s) to perform and the other thing, and truly important is to know how to get the best out of ourselves during the performance. For that reason, Irene Bejar explains us different crucial to understand before the performance and how to manage and dilute our nerves and thoughts.
At WKMT we believe the importance of the performing skills when learning an instrument, and we make sure all our students really understand it and works on that. That’s why our London Music Festivals are a yearly must for our students and their relatives/friends. It extends the learning process making us better musicians and performers.
Do not miss the chance of reading it fully through the link aforementioned and start preparing your next performance, hopefully, following our resources and help. You could find more related articles on our Blog.

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