Musical expectations and Cultural attributes in Music

What is the relation between culture music? Tradition, idiosyncrasy from where we born. Has all that got anything to do with our musical taste? Not only musical but art, fashion, architecture, design, etc.

It might be the case that you don’t feel very related to your country music, however, are you able to say you have nothing inside you proper from your country? That makes us think, in any way, the way that the place we born in influences in our taste. Obviously, we like other cultures music or rhythms, but do you feel familiar with indian music? What do you think about the chinese typical music? You might like, but don’t you feel it stange? If you think about it, it shouldn’t because it is music, but for any reason it doesn’t. Obviously, apart from coming from far away places, it is because we haven’t grown up  with similar rhythms.

It is very strange to see someone who falls in love with russian popular music and commits the entire life to that music, it might be the case, if we have any case among us, please show yourself, but understanding it is not that common.

For that reason, Gisela Paterno, Head piano tutor in London for WKMT, has recently published her latest article. In which she talks exactly about this topic. She has been researching and getting information from all our different students coming from abroad, with different cultures, traditions and ways of living. Does all that affect to our musical taste? Well, read it by yourself and get to know it.

We would love to know about your thoughts. Do you agree with Gisela’s idea? Is there any exception? Do not hesitate to let us know your ideas and thoughts by commenting us below.

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