Piano practising with WKMT

Tips for Practising and Sight Reading

Piano Lessons in London is now back with a new post. Guess about what? Yes, we talk about the piano, like what we are inspired by and enjoy the most.

This time, we bring a new post recently published on WKMT Blog, in which Anthony Elward, Senior piano tutor at our studio, talks about the idea of practising. Yes, the way of getting the best results on the piano, undoubtedly.

We are always committed to new posts about piano and practice. We truly believe, as musicians and pianists, that the only way to progress and reach the high standards in any musical instrument is practising and studying hard. The commitment means everything as well as the efforts we are capable of making for it. In order to get any goal, we should work hard until we get it properly. The famous sentence: Practice makes perfect.

Well, Anthony aims with this article to provide us all with a great way of learning a new piece and keeping on practising in an easy and not so tedious way. One of the most important points in getting the best way to practice and prepare a new piece is with the sight-reading. If we have a great level on this, we have a good part of the path done, and it will help you going through the new piece easily.

Let’s leave the writer talk deeply about it. You can just click on the link aforementioned and read it fully. Do not miss our weekly articles always coming from WKMT Music Blog.

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