Piano technique: The placement

Piano technique: The placement by wkmt.

Piano technique: The placement.



“Hand placement can prove to be fundamental for the implementation of an efficient piano technique. I have seen my students, and sometimes even myself, trying to apply a specific piano movement to a particular passage without having adequately settled the hand into the keyboard.”

A new subject on WKMT Blog! We talk about the piano technique and how to incorporate it into the settlement of the hands on the instrument.

Juan Rezzuto has written this helpful article based on his experience as trained in the Scaramuzza technique. The famous technique which we talked about already in previous posts, but now brought back to help all those students struggling when settling or using both hands and especially, the left one on the piano.

With this article, Rezzuto aims to provide all our followers with the knowledge and skills needed to move along the piano comfortably and smoothly. Using the basics proper from the Scaramuzza technique, we call to the relaxation of the whole body, most importantly: wrists, elbows, shoulders. All the weight and strength should be kept in the fingers, whose will carry all the activity and full attention during the playing.

The initial skill when starting learning in your piano lessons is the settlement of the hands on the instrument. Once you do it comfortably and becomes natural, you will have done such an important progress. When we reach a powerful piano technique, that makes a huge difference in terms of wellness, aesthetic and control on the piano.

Read the full article on the link aforementioned and get in touch with the latest tips and advises from our Professors about the proper piano technique. A new article on a daily basis at WKMT.


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