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  • 22 Oct 2017

    Children and sight reading skills

    Children and sight reading skills. Children and sight reading skills. Since our last pedagogical meeting, our teachers and participants contributed with some ideas and new points of view. In this case, we found interesting one of the interactions and suggestion by our lovely Sabrina Curpanen, Senior piano teacher and greatly experienced with children. She proposes some alternatives, equally valid, […]
  • 18 Oct 2017

    The head of singing performs

    The head of singing performs. The head of singing performs. We proudly announce the new opera production organised at the King's head theatre, where our Head Singing teacher will be performing. Michael Georgiou got a performance opportunity at Puccini's Tosca English version. Taking place this October at King's Head Theatre on until 28th October. Have a look at our […]
  • 04 Oct 2017

    Fingering and Articulation

    Fingering and Articulation. Fingering and Articulation. In our recently released article, Naro Horn writes about the importance of articulation and fingering. Have you ever thought how this exercise could improve your piano learning? And most importantly, how develops your strength on the piano! Read the full article by clicking on the link below and get to know:  importance of […]
  • 01 Oct 2017

    Managing performance anxiety

    Managing performance anxiety. Managing performance anxiety. Mark Dowling, in his latest article, explores the anxiety every musician should have felt at least once in their lifetime. When performing in front of an audience, your body gets into a biological reaction. The main point about this is how to manage it properly, and how to "educate" your body in […]
  • 25 Sep 2017

    London piano accompaniment

    London piano accompaniment. London piano accompaniment BY WKMT. London piano accompaniment. Sabrina Curpanen, our lovely Senior piano teacher, published yesterday her last article for WKMT, in which she talks about her experience in London as a piano teacher, piano performances, and her new career as an accompanist. Such as increasing option nowadays in London, which you can work with […]
  • 21 Sep 2017

    The story behind 440Hz

    The story behind A = 440Hz story behind 440Hz   Gisela Paterno, our Senior Music Teacher, talks about the famous tunning. We all know it and we take as a granted, but who actually was the person behind these numbers? Where were they used originally? What's the evolution of it? All about Gisela talks in her last article of the […]