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  • 22 Mar 2018

    A unique piano teaching approach in London

    A unique piano teaching approach in London WITH WKMT. A unique piano teaching approach in London. START LEARNING PIANO WITH THE EXPERIENCED LEADING PIANO STUDIO. https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/single-post/2018/03/01/Complete-Piano-Learning-Cycle It is not unusual to see, in the realm of London piano practices, how piano teachers misjudge the way they should approach tutoring piano beginners. There are three possible different results a teacher can […]
  • 16 Mar 2018

    WKMT students will perform at a superlative festival

    WKMT students will perform at a superlative festival. WKMT students will perform at a superlative festival on the 12th May 2018. Here we bring our vii edition of London music festivals by wkmt. https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/wkmt-london-music-festivals We are very happy to introduce our next London Music Festival, this time happening at Pushkin House - Fitzrovia. This iconic venue constitutes an amazing step […]
  • 15 Mar 2018

    Piano Arm Movement

    Piano Arm Movement Piano Arm Movement https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/single-post/2018/03/13/ARM-MOVEMENT Clarifying as much as possible our technical toolbox can save us time and effort. It is a common practice to spend hours rehearsing a passage. But, what if we are rehearsing it using the wrong resources? In many piano schools, the main objective of practising is to stimulate our brain with the piece […]
  • 03 Mar 2018

    Classical Concert in London

    classical concert in london. Classical concert in London by WKMT. Our next classical concert performed by juan rezzuto on the 24th march. https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/classical-concerts-london-by-wkmt Juan Rezzuto performs Haydn accompanied by Irene Bejar and Sabrina Curpanen in his next piano concert on the date aforementioned. Juan Rezzuto, founder of WKMT, composer and pianist, will perform as a soloist two Haydn works: Haydn Sonata for […]
  • 27 Feb 2018

    Summary of Stjepan Šulek’s career

    Summary of Stjepan Šulek's career. Summary of Stjepan Šulek's career. IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT STJEPAN ŠULEK, HERE WE BRING SOME INFO ABOUT HIM. STJEPAN ŠULEK Here we bring a brief about STJEPAN ŠULEK, fantastic Croatian composer and violinist, among other virtues. Katarina Makevic, Croatian and senior piano teacher at WKMT, brings this great article. She talks about the […]
  • 24 Feb 2018

    Analysing piano gesture

    analysing piano gesture. Analysing piano gesture. LEARN WHAT GESTURE MEANS AND THE TYPES OF GESTURES YOU CAN FIND IN MUSIC. https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/single-post/Piano-Gestures What is a gesture? Oxford living dictionary defines it as a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning. In this new edition, we talk about gesture in music. […]
  • 21 Feb 2018

    Ancient Music

    Ancient Music. Ancient Music. We explore the music in ancient Greece and Pythagoras' discoveries. https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/single-post/The-beginnings-of-music Here we bring a new article published at WKMT Blog, written by Anthony Elward, a piano teacher at the studio. In this occasion, we look back up to reach Ancient Greece and analyse the music in its beginnings. The signs of music found date from the […]
  • 17 Feb 2018

    Getting flowing tempo in piano

    getting flowing tempo in piano with wkmt. Getting flowing tempo. Some pieces require a waving sound called flow. https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/single-post/Flowing-tempo-in-the-piano "This idea, of the “flow” of the music, can also easily be applied to the early stages of learning piano, through the appreciation of phrase marks in the score, or through cadences which suggest an open ending in the music. These are […]
  • 11 Feb 2018

    Analysing British popular Music and national identity

    analysing British popular Music and national identity. Analysing British popular music and National Identity. Britpop, indie and electro dance music in Britain. www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/single-post/Analysing-British-Popular-Music How influential could the music be in a society? Can the music determine trend social aspects? Music means a lot in a society, it could be inspired in a society or inspire an entire society. It might […]