WKMT Concert March 2020: Haydn and Mozart together

Sadly, we need to inform you that this concert will be cancelled. As we are going through a pandemic situation in Europe, and in order to avoid crowds, we decided to postpone this concert to a later date this year.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

Stay tuned for the coming dates!

Stay safe and healthy!




The two most famous and influential composers of the Classical period will be together in the first concert of 2020 at St. Cuthbert’s Church for the delight of all WKMT piano students and friends.

In this occasion, the programme will consist in the Piano Concerto in F-major, H.XVIII:7 composed by the renowned Joseph Haydn, and the Violin Concerto No. 1 in B-flat major, K. 207 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The solo Violin will be in charge of the lead violinist, Paola Delucchi. On the other side, Maestro Juan Rezzuto will be in charge of the wonderful piano concerto along with the orchestra.

One of the curious facts related to this winter concert is that in real life, Mozart and Haydn became very close friends, being Haydn a huge admirer of Mozart’s work. Now, they will share this last concert.

Among violin Concertos, Mozart only wrote five of them, and all between the April and December of 1775 when he was just nineteen and it has the usual fast-slow-fast structure. Its movements are Allegro moderato (quite fast), Adagio (slow and peaceful) and Presto (very fast and lively).

Regarding Haydn Concerto, the movements are three, beginning with a Moderato (moderate speed, which is not the most prevailing way to open a Concerto), the second movement, an Adagio (densely ornamented solo lines that appears to belong more to the manière française than Haydn’s style) and the final movement, a vigorously rhythmic Allegro finale.

Both Concertos are an excellent opportunity for all piano students to have an in-depth standpoint in the Scaramuzza technique, as Juan Rezzuto will demonstrate how all the movements taught by the piano tutors at WKMT, and they will also see how the piano and the violin can blend and amalgamate beautifully under Mozart’s astonishing talent.

This will definitively be a Concert to have in your calendars! We hope to see you say goodbye in the best way we can, sharing music.


Join us on the 28th of March from 6.30pm in St Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court, London.

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