Keeping music in the schools

keeping music in the schools.

Should music be a subject in secondary schools?

Piano lessons London brings a new essay written by one of our Senior piano teachers, Panayiotis Tsitsaros.

Due to the recent news of removing Music as a subject from all secondary schools in the UK, the reactions to it have come out quicker than expected. Plenty of musicians and teachers have showed their concern about this measure. But why is this? Is Music really important in any child learning? What are the reasons behind it? Well, this is what Panayiotis intends to answer and explain with his latest essay written for WKMT Blog.

The main point to analyse is what they call EBacc or English Baccalaureate. A system that was brought in 2010 for those students achieving GCSE Grade C. This measure supposed in an increase of 18% between 2010 and 2018 with students who took EBacc subjects. These results are good, however, some intend to turn it against it.

Let’s revise some of the causes that made these new thoughts against these art subjects:

  • Between 2015 and 2016, the students entering on at least one art subject was down in 1.7%
  • School staff 60% thinks that music subject in the school affected negatively to the provision of the subject in the schools, while a 3% thinks that benefitted
  • Schools offering music subjects BTEC fell down from 166 in 2012 to just 50 in 2016-17
  • Schools offering music subjects GCSE fell down from 85% to 79% in the same years as above
  • Music was compulsory in an 84% of the schools in 2012, falling down up to 62% in total
  • The music department in the most of the schools only depends on just one teacher for all

This might derivate in the thought of that the students are not really interested in music in a general frame, or arts. But should these results end up on erasing music from secondary schools in the UK?

Panayiotis leaves the figures on a side, and writes in a deeper way. This means that he has written an essay based on what great minds though about music in any child or people learning, benefits and personal developments for the students. Some are against it and some are on the music side. The conclusion is basically positive on music. And you must think, of course, you are musicians, but actually the arguments given and analysed drive to the positive way for music.

We strongly recommend you to read the full article by clicking on the link aforementioned. Let’s analyse if music would be really essential and needed for any child learning in secondary schools, and therefore, reach the point of keeping music subject in the schools, and try to avoid the erasing of this art.

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