Composition Series

Tonal Families: Chord Substitution – Chapter 1

Tonal Families: Dominant and Subdominant – Chapter 2

Tonal Families: Harmonic Rhythm – Chapter 3

We are all glad and happy to release and present the new series of articles written by our committed composition instructor for WKMT Blog.

Gisela Paterno, who we already talked about in previous posts and articles written by her, is now in charge of a great composition series articles.

This series is based on analysis and composition principles. There are three different chapters explaining every single one of the important points and the different functions existing, but what is it really about? What is new with this new series?

With this series, Gisela intends to give shape and explain the diatonic chords used in music. She will dig deep into the chords, going through the diatonic ones and the different harmonic functions existing: tonic, subdominant (also pre-dominant) and dominant families.

Going through one by one explaining with easy examples of scales the ways to make a chord substitution.

Yes, it might sound a bit like a lot of sudden information, but it really worth a read and going through the different chapters to fully understand the chords and how to substitutes them. It is such a valuable piece of advice for all those learning compositions or composing your own works and stuck in some passages.

Do not hesitate to read it fully and stay tuned. You can also check her personal blog at WKMT, in which she always posts composition and analysis articles.

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