Harpsichord Concert in London

Classical Concert in London

Our next edition of WKMT Concerts is happening on April 27th.

This time, a special programme has been organised to delight us all. Especially to all those fans of the Baroque period of music. After the success we experienced in our last harpsichord concerto in January, we come back with a new programme in which Baroque is all about.

Thanks to Avelino Vazquez, our usual harpsichordist and piano teacher at WKMT, for arranging a powerful joint with Beatus Ille Ensemble. The latter is a Baroque focused ensemble based in London and formed by two violins and one cello. An ensemble which is especialised only in Baroque music. They gathered and they asked us to organise a concert in which they can accompany our harpsichordist and our Soprano and make a beautiful Baroque programme.

We obviously answered yes to this magnificent and fabulous idea. We are proud of being able to organise concerts of different styles of music for all our students and members, to fully understand the music throughout the history. This will give us a strong idea of how music sounded in that era.

Sonatas, Suites and Arias from composers like Handel, Purcell and Corelli will be part of this programme.

On the 27th from 7.00 pm in our usual venue St Cuthbert’s Philbeach gardens, Earls Court, London. Everything is already organised and promoted to make it special.

We hope to see you all there. If you are not part of WKMT yet but you would like to join us, do not hesitate to contact us. We have also allocated space for non-members. Just click on the link aforementioned for more info.

For all those who might not be aware yet, WKMT organises concerts in London every month on the last weekend. Always different concerts by musicians and professionals of music in London and overseas.

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