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Questions we received from students or parents about piano tuition – II

As piano teachers, our task is not only to provide piano lessons to the students but most times, we find ourselves facing other challenges which are not in our “job description”. These tasks correspond to introduce the parents, who are usually not musically-trained or even musically inclined, to guide them through their children process in order to get good quality results. This enterprise seems to be easy at the beginning, but as Maestra Sabrina Curpanen shares in her articles, this proves to be a delicate and somehow, the baffling matter for most parents.

Piano students should know that studying an instrument, regardless of the choice, is a slow process and it should be taken as a profound commitment. The undertaking of a musical instrument, especially the piano, is challenging at whatever age you start. It needs daily practice to acquire muscle memory, it asks for the student huge amounts of focus and determination and dealing with frustration as well, this is something that normally doesn’t come easy in early ages. That is why realistic goals should be set and arranged with the teacher at the very start to agree upon. It is paramount to trust the expertise of the tutor as in many cases, the process to reach the goals expected are quite long and strenuous than the prospect student assume.

In regards to the music theory lessons in London, these should be apart from the instrument lessons, as Sabrina states in her article, as preparing for Theory Grades take almost the same amount of time of preparation than the instrumental ones.

Public performances is another milestone in order to reach smoothly and confidently towards a Grade exam. It is decisive to confront the situation of playing in front of others builds the confidence of the student prior to the exam.

All these experiences are “Gold’s dust” for any piano tutor!

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