Our June Students’ Recitals

London Piano Festival

The most awaited date of the year has now been released by WKMT. Our IX Edition of the Music Festivals is arranged for June 15th in London.

The time flies, but successfully. It has been five years since we started with our Music Festivals, we are now in the 9th edition, and we will finalise the year with the 10th, which we are already organising such a beautiful event to celebrate the ten festivals at WKMT. A format which is every edition getting bigger and bigger. More performers, better venues, more guests and sponsors happily supporting these adventures.

Well, for all those who don’t know about this festivals, WKMT organises twice a year music festivals in which the main characters on stage are the students at WKMT (non-members are also invited under application). Happily, we provide our students of all levels and ages with the chance of performing in London, in a stunning grand piano, in a magnificent venue, surrounded by their families and friends, as well as their colleagues from the studio.

The full event is recorded professionally for them to have it as portfolio, as well as catering is provided during the event. Our idea is to create a full festival mood in which people gather and socialise thanks to the music.

This edition we unveil a new venue. We used to do it at Pushkin House, London for the last three editions, however, due to the increasing number of guests and performers, the music room got small. Therefore, no other choice to look for a new venue. In this case, we start our 9th edition in our usual venue for the concerts: St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court, London.

Thanks to the size of the church, and different areas, we can easily and comfortably celebrate our future editions in it. Also, thanks to the stunning Yamaha CFX Grand concert piano, the students and guests will be delighted either for performing and watching/listening respectively.

If you know any student having piano lessons in London who would like to show what they are capable of on the piano, do not hesitate and contact WKMT for all the details and application. Click on the link aforementioned and get some more info about this next edition.

For all our students, good luck to everyone! Show us what you learnt and what you are able of.

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