• 11 Feb 2018

    Analysing British popular Music and national identity

    analysing British popular Music and national identity.
    Analysing British popular music and National Identity.
    Britpop, indie and electro dance music in Britain.

    How influential could the music be in a society? Can the music determine trend social aspects? Music means a lot in a society, it could be inspired in a society or inspire an entire society. It might […]

  • 06 Feb 2018

    Our February classical concert

    Our February classical concert.
    Our February classical concert.
    We have all organised for the classical concert of February by WKMT.

    Katarina Makevic has already made a strong and long-lasting impression on our November 2017 London Music Festival. After a very warm welcoming by all our music community, she is ready to perform again. This time, a wonderfully arranged piano […]

  • 02 Feb 2018

    Our next piano masterclass

    Our next piano masterclass.
    Our next piano masterclass.
    a masterclass organised for our young piano students.

    WKMT has organised a piano Masterclass for all our young piano students at our studio in West Kensington. Our Senior piano teacher specialized in lessons for kids, will be in charge of the masterclass.
    How will the masterclass work?
    We will reunite all our […]

  • 31 Jan 2018

    Piano teachers Dulwich

    piano teachers Dulwich.
    Piano teachers Dulwich.
    The best piano tuition in Dulwich by a leading piano studio in London: WKMT

    In case you are looking for quality piano tuition in Dulwich or nearby, you should have a look at our website. Since 2010 providing London with piano lessons either in our studios or at students’ home. Professional and […]

  • 29 Jan 2018

    Learn correct piano fingering with WKMT

    Learn correct piano fingering with WKMT.
    Learn correct piano fingering with WKMT.
    Why piano fingering is one of the most crucial aspects when learning the piano.

    WKMT commits always to share interesting and helpful articles for both its students and the public in general, with which they all can learn and better understand some crucial points for the […]

  • 27 Jan 2018

    how to teach music theory to beginners

    how to teach music theory to beginners.
    How to teach music theory to beginners.
    Results of our last teachers’ meeting at wkmt about music theory.
    Why is music theory important?
    Like in every single subject which implies a practical section attached to a theoretical section, in the piano and in music in general, the theoretical part is essentially needed for […]

  • 22 Jan 2018

    Teaching London Piano Students

    Teaching London Piano Students
    Teaching London Piano Students

    Teaching piano in London can’t be just a matter of delivering standard piano lessons. As piano teachers, we need to be able to tutor the philosophy of learning and making music. I remember my maestro pushing me to sort out things on the spot, to develop an intolerance towards mistakes and […]

  • 21 Jan 2018

    The art of the piano practice

    the art of the piano practice
    The art of the piano practice.
    Learn some ways to practise piano on your own.
    “Are your performances littered with unexplained mistakes?  ‘It went better in practice’ becoming a regular phrase?  Analyse your preparation and take the opportunity of the new year to resolve to improve the quality of your practice.
    Whatever your age […]

  • 16 Jan 2018

    How to be prepared for a piano performance

    How to be prepared for a piano performance.
    How to be prepared for a piano performance.
    wkmt help you to be prepared for your next piano performance.

    Have you ever performed in front of an audience? How did you feel before and after doing it? Could you have done it better?

    Mark Dowling, our piano teacher at the studio responds all those […]